Exploring the Tinderverse

Before I launch into my exploration of the Tinderverse, here’s a little more on me.

I am not your usual 20 or 30 something year old Tinderella.  In fact, I think I would fall somewhere in the era of yesteryear!  Okay maybe not quite that era, but I am midway through my 40’s, so I am definitely pushing the age limits on this site, well for truly potential mates that is, hookups I imagine would be a synch .  ALSO, unlike some of my fellow Tinderella’s, I set my search criteria to a respectable 38-48 year old age range, but only after I had  a small amount of fun viewing all the 30 y.o. peeps out there!

So enough said for now, let’s start the swiping.  Left, Left, Left, Left, Left……Oooh hang on….. “Bah ha ha ha ha ha” I bellow.  “Have a look at this Tinderella’s…its non other than”;



Damon the Indian

THAT’S GOLD!  I can already see it in the TINDERDAILY news column

‘Tinderella meets BIG CHIEF !’.

 Has Tinderella finally met the one? Or is big chief more interested in Tinderella smoking his piece pipe?

I mean, Big Chief said in his very brief profile caption (brief being the operative word here) that he’s looking to chat and make new friends’.  REALLY, do you normally make new friends wearing nothing but a feathered headrest?  And in what order would you like to chat, before or after you’ve offered your piece pipe?  

So there I was thinking I won’t last more than 24 hours on this thing, but I am already terribly amused and I dare say, terribly addicted!   But let’s not get bogged down with BIG CHIEF here, as there are plenty more fish in the pond, not to be confused with Plenty of Fish the App!  Okay then….moving right along, I recommence my swiping.  Left, left, left, left, left, left…. hmmmmmm, hang on here’s one.  Tall, nice smile great guns, okay let’s have a further look shall we.  All was looking good a this stage until….oh ooooh what do we have here.



The TShirt 


“BAH HA HA HA HA HA”.  I am crunched over with laughter again, but come on guys, surely you aren’t going to get any of that, using this little gimmick your final selling pitch!  As whilst I find all this very amusing, it’s not pickup material or am I missing the point here?

“Recompose yourself Tinderella”, I say to myself, as I continue swiping my way through the Tinder-verse, oblivious to those around me.  It might have been 30-40 minutes later that I look up, see everyone else doing the exact same thing as me, and I see the true irony of this App.

Yes peeps, it is most definitely addictive and outrageous fun: “but if we choose to immerse ourselves in the Tinder-verse, isn’t that then the very antithesis of this application?”  I must have said this aloud. as my fellow Tinderella’s gaze at me with a ‘who cares’ look in their eyes, and happily bury their heads back in their phones.

I think it is at this stage, that I quietly call out to the Tinderverse …

“Is there anybody out there, maybe even wearing a T’shirt but preferably one that does not contain the word C*%T on it!”

Yours Truly,


A Real Tinderella 

Who is the Real Tinderella?

Anzac Day 2014, another Tinderella is Born, but who is the Real Tinderella?

I have been a Tinderella for less than a week, and already I have so many stories to tell, but it seems I am not the only one out there wanting to share their adventures on the Tinderverse.

However let me start mine by saying this: I don’t plan for this to be a dirt bagging exercise on Tinder and all those fella’s looking for Tinderella’s and vice versa. Instead I am hoping to provide an insightful journey into the world of Tinder, sharing some of the funnier, and maybe even the sadder side of this dating phenomenon.  So here it goes.



Yup, it’s Anzac Day down under, and what do you think an Aussie boy would do on Anzac Day

  1. Take a hot chick out on a romantic date sailing around the harbour
  2. Invite his friends over for a barbie at his place to watch some league
  3. Play 2 up at the local RSL with 10 of his mates and the league in the background?

Ladies from down under, we all know the answer to that can only be 3 or 2 at a stretch.

Now this is my view of Anzac day,


Australia Day 2014

With that image firmly planted, I start to wonder what my chances of ever meeting a half decent man are again?

It is also this very same image that made us rapidly wind up our RSL visit, and head back to one of the single BFF’s house for an evening barbecue…It’s the Australian way okay!

T’was on this fateful night, that I discovered there was a whole new universe out there for single folk that revolved around Tinder.  Those in the room without a wedding band had a mobile phone in hand.  What is this, surely they aren’t all on facebook, I think to myself.

So I ask, “What are you all doing on your phones”, I say this as I just finish my own FB posting frenzy … Facebook of course being the original #SOCIALBANDIT.  They suddenly all start smiling at me (and to qualify who I am referring to when I say all, I am including one token male in this room).  They soon confess, “Well: they all chime in, we’re on Tinder!”

“WHOA, WHAT” … I gasp?  They laugh at my reaction and Tinder-on.  So I probe further, “hang-on wait: I thought that was just a hook-up site for the under 30s?  ‘Not exactly they respond’.  Then what exactly is it for and what type of people do you meet on there? ” I ask.

They respond in turn: “It can be for what you want it to be.  You can use it for hook-ups if you want, or you can actually meet some interesting people on here.  It has no time consuming surveys to complete, is at no cost, plus you get to choose who you like, based on their look to start with anyway” … mmmmmm, I like the sound of this already.  Okay, this all sounds very interesting …  “Well, explain then what you do and how to use it? ”.  “It’s simple”, they respond.  “If you like someone, you swipe right, and if you don’t, you swipe left simple as that.  It’s fast, easy to use, and fun, have a go and see for yourself”.

Now whilst I kind of knew about this app, I had never considered using it, I dare say for the same reason the majority of us pre-historic romantics wouldn’t consider using it, initially anyway.  The stigma of Tinder was just too unwholesome for someone of my age, well that was what I thought at that point anyway!  It didn’t take me long to leave that thought behind though, because this little pre-historic creature was about to be taught a new lesson in life, and just how to play the dating game in the 21st century.

So, I ask my fellow Tinderella’s to show me how to use the App, and BAM, within minutes I was up and running (thanks facebook for allowing me to select all the best pic’s of me).

No longer the social observer … I had been Tinderized and would soon learn, just why this App was so … so Addictive.

Let the play begin!

Yours Truly,


A Real Tinderella