Does the Tinderverse make us Omnipresent?

Maybe my call to the Tinderverse worked.  In a mere 1-2 hours of active Tinder usage, I must have swiped through some 5o+ candidates: males only at this stage, but hey you never know where you head will lead you with this sort of dating gadget.  It was already surpassing the other dating sites in my mind – no need for long winded emails, or god forbid, the dreaded 400 odd questions I had to answer in my last online dating service.  In fact Tinder, was already making the other sites look, well, positively prehistoric!



 Framed omnipresent Cartoon 

Out of the 50 potential mates, I manage to narrow the field to some 17 matches – still early stages, but I already feel like I am on a winning streak, especially when nine of them have initiated a chat already.  “This wouldn’t happen in a bar,” I whisper to myself, whilst quietly feeling the love for my new toy-app.

Now, whilst it all seems rather “dreamlike”, having so many men to choose from in just two short hours, it’s not quite that cut and dry.  Choosing whom out of the nine I wanted to have a chat with required careful analysis of their, pictures, profile (if there is one) and how they introduce themselves in their initiating chat.

As one of my more seasoned Tinder male friends said in my:  keen to always over share information about my dating life.  His advise was: “if a guy just writes ‘Hi, how are you’, flick them: or if you write to them first, and their reply is short, flick them too”.   So out of the nine chat starters, there were only four that I should respond to, according to my Tinder males rules, but there were just some profiles that were too hard for me to resist swiping right too, including this exceptionally well thought through profile.



Dirty Harry Framed

I blurt out another belly crunching laugh when I not only see this guy’s picture, but also his profile.  Another TINDERDAILY moment in Tinder-land: but I truly dig this guys’ sense of humour.  With only the mildest of hesitation, I swipe right, and luckily for me, I get a match “phew, would have felt like a complete loser if I couldn’t attract an orangutan driving alongside Dirty Harry”.

Introducing myself to Harry with a short but complimentary transcript, I ask “what type of response he’s had to his profile?” But all I get is this in return:


Dirty Harry msg Framed

“Really, is that all you’ve got Harry … and you started off being so impressionable!”  I say disappointedly to myself.  BUT … I am still intrigued by Dirty Harry and I now put it out to the #Tinderverse … “Have you met Dirty Harry?”   

Whilst Dirty Harry’s lame response hadn’t hit its mark for me, I was definitely getting some traction with my other Tindermen – watch out for my future postings on ARealTinderella called “It’s Raining Men” and “Tinder Love Tragics”.

There was however a small part of my brain that understood, with each day that I chose to remain engaged with the Tinderverse , my face was being seen by the thousands of Tindermen looking for singles in my local area.  So no longer did I feel like I could walk into a café, bar or restaurant with the same anonymity I had last week and no longer could I look straight in the eye, at the dad who’s kid goes to my kids school that I swiped past the other day!

This all then brings me back to my headlining question, “Does the Tinderverse make us Omnipresent?” and “how anonymous do you really feel on Tinder?”

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