Famine to Feast with Online dating

You may have noticed the theme in my posts this week is all about “Dating being a numbers Game and the benefits of online dating. Why you ask am I harbouring on this point?

Maybe I was inspired by the conversation I had with a single girlfriend over the weekend who (like me) has been single for over 4 years now: however unlike me, she hasn’t had many – if any dates – in that whole time. I couldn’t understand this, after all there’s a whole WWW full of dating sites to choose from, ‘why wasn’t she tapping into this?’.

This recount of her lacklustre dating life, did bring me back to my own situation last year, where I basically spent most of the year wallowing in my own self pity and not making any effort to meet new and interesting people. Whilst that might seem a bit hard to fathom, considering my non stop talk about my success on Tinder, I too was once reticent to connect with the online dating world, hence my headlining title of “Famine to Feast with Online Dating.”

I do keep getting reminded though – by all my wonderful Tinder male friends (thank you for the compliments fellas) – that I am not your average woman on the Tinderverse. Therefore I have to keep into perspective my hit rate, which is naturally going to be higher based on my relative appeal.  Plus: if the stats I threw out on twitter last Friday, are anything to go by – where there is reportedly a 5:1 ratio of men looking for women on Tinder – then it really is an unfair advantage in my favour … Cause for celebration I say, it used be the other way around particularly for women in my age group! 

But don’t let me make this all about me. I have spoken to a few Tindermen recently that have colluded with me on this, with their suggested hit rate being equal to mine … nice going fellas!  In fact one of whom I met only last week, talked about going to Melbourne and having some 250 odd matches in one night – boy he must have had a sore thumb that night !

Tinder Swiping – is it the equivalent of Speed Dating?

speed dating


Another fella I met, also recently said something similar – although his travels where overseas, therefore he was attracting a different market.  On the flip side to that, I speak to some guys who don’t get anywhere near the hit rate I – or these guys have had, and there is no foreseeable reason why, as they are equally attractive: to me anyway.  So does this all have to do with “Your Uniqueness Factor” – as per the article in my recommended reading list – and what one person might perceive to be attractive versus another?

I think it does – henceforth my post: but also I think it depends on your geographic location as to what your popularity might be.  A tall caucasian travelling in Asia for example; is going to be highly attractive to the women over there, because he’s unique to them; and a smooth talking Silver fox in his late 40’s – actually in his early 50’s (but sssshhh – I promise not to tell anyone if you don’t), well he is definitely going to strike a cord with the “Real Housewives of Melbourne”.  So it’s all relative I think to your uniqueness and your geographic location, as it seems!

However, if we go back my friend with no dating opportunities in the foreseable future or fore-mentionable past: then you do feel a sense of sadness – particularly for those like her (and possibly you now or at some other stage in your life) – that can’t find a way to reach into the modern dating world.  When I draw upon this thought, and how different my situation is from hers today – compared to my circumstances last year – then you might comprehend better why I talk about going from “Famine to Feast”.

So I tried to tell to her this, during our conversation – I said, “Well funny you should mention all this, as I’ve recently changed my dating opportunities since joining Tinder”, – her response  “What’s Tinder?”  … Okay now I am offended – ‘are you not reading my blog girlfriend?’ … remember this one fans.

Wondering were all my friends have gone? 

Reality of dating apps


Now I totally get why some of my married friends haven’t heard of Tinder (or don’t admit to hearing about it), but to hear a single gal – and I’m talking yummy mummy type of single gal – say she’s not heard of Tinder; it does make me ponder the question why that in our modern society – with the WWW at our disposal – are there still so many lonely people out there?  There’s a myriad of online dating apps, including an online dating app comparison website I found once.  Note to self – add this site to my recommended reading list next.

Admittedly though, to my girlfriends defence, she did mention that it was time she considered joining some of the more traditional sites, like RSVP or eHarmony: and whilst I was happy she was considering something, I immediately thought of my last story “About Scottie.  Remember in that post, I talk about my traditionalist view of dating – prior to rediscovering the online world.  I honestly feel like shouting at her to STOP … being so worried about what society thinks” but of course I didn’t; and instead subtly suggested she should starting reading some of my blog material – particularly the article I posted from Marie Claire –  “The Online Dating Apps – Hot or Not .

I know we have all been there, in our thinking at some stage … if not still!  But that’s yesterday’s news for me now, and joining the online-dating game has been somewhat liberating, as I am no longer waiting around to meet Mr. Right … I am going out to find him.

‘Why does that image of the Old woman and her dog from the story about Scottie keep reappearing my head!?’

Before I sign off though, I’m interest to know.

Have you got any friends like my girlfriend and what would you recommend they do ?

Feel free to add your comments to my blog.

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Is it beauty or your uniqueness that makes you attractive?

Is it beauty or your uniqueness that makes you attractive?

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Good news, weirdos, interesting people, and everyone who is not currently a supermodel: being “unique” may have more to do with your romantic success than your general hotness rating.


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Dating is a numbers game

Dating is a numbers game

Susan Winters talks about love principles and the importance of getting out and meeting people when using online dating sites. Here’s a small excerpt from her most recent article:

I have a friend, now engaged, who dated voraciously. She had a basic outline of what she wanted. With that, she participated in numerous Internet sites and went out several times a week to meet new people. She approached dating, like a business. After 6 months she’d had a few involvements and a lot more personal information. 

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