Everything You Want Is On The Other Side of Fear

I was inspired to write this post today, after seeing through my own experience, that sometimes we need to take great risk, in order to seek greater rewards. That could be in the form of a;

  • financial risk,
  • the risk of love,
  • the change in career
  • or with a current relationship or dating experience.

For me, this came in many forms with the two most significant to date being; leaving my last long term relationship and the risk I took when I decided to back myself, follow my passions and refashion my career.

Creative expression has become my new career, and it is fast becoming my greatest passion.  Although it doesn’t always come easy, I love it more than any corporate or other job I’ve held.

It helps too, that I was inspired by my creative spirit and seeing such esteemed folk like The Robert Evans, ex head of paramount pictures and movie producer extraordinaire, with a list of films a mile long, not least including “Love Story” and “The God Father”, following me on Twitter from day 4. That’s when I knew I was doing something right!

Last fortnight he quite pertinently wrote this in one of his tweets:



“So I honour your foresight Sir Evans. The vision you had to push through your own adversity and become as successful as you are still today is admirable. I thank you for believing in me too.”

Now, I guess you may be asking yourself, what has this got to do with dating, love and relationships?

It has everything to do with it. The decision to follow your passions, trust in the people who believe in you, and most importantly, trust your instinct: means you can overcome your fear of failure and be generally more content with life.

This I believe will give you a better chance at meeting someone that’s right for you, and if I was to admit to learning anything from my yoga practise, it would be:

“You can be whoever you want to be, as long as you stay in the present, and don’t let fear overcome you.”

Quote re Fear



Yours truly


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