Modern Dating: Is It Just a Dog and Pony Show?

I found yet another brilliant article written by Susan Winters that I wanted to share with you all. It’s called 9 Months 98 Men, Here’s What I Learned, where Susan describes, in her own experience, what it feels like to truly put yourself on the dating line. I couldn’t agree with her more, and as per usual, Susan shows great insight into the real issues with modern dating, from my perspective too!

Two of my favorite paragraphs from Susan’s article

I have a colleague who’s a dating expert. She teaches the art of flirting in order to capture a man’s attention. I don’t want art. I want to meet a man organically in an environment where I can be myself and interact naturally.

Modern Dating: Courtesy of


I’ve consistently found my own way to partnership without all this nonsense. I’m not brilliant. I don’t have “game.” But I know who I am. I love easily and effortlessly. I find more to admire in a man than not. I have few complaints as I see more of what’s good in a man than what’s bad. The men who’ve shared my life have moved easily from a first date (or initial meeting) to a natural form of ongoing connection. It’s been fluid and comfortable.


Click here to read the full article. 


An exceptionally great read,

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