Men: Stop Lying and Meet the Women of Your Dreams!

This article has been written by Sasha Daygame – Creator of Direct Dating Summit, for DigitalRomanceInc.  I love it, as it is says it as it is, and to me, brings us back to dating basics, which is that men really need to take the stand and ask women out, I think.

Pic from Sasha Daygame's post

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Here’s a excerpt from Sasha’s piece. 

The vast majority of men are so worried about letting their true desires be known that they get stuck talking about absolute bullshit that goes nowhere. Men are afraid to be honest with women about feeling attraction and we believe if we can just befriend the woman, maybe at some point down the line we’ll have a shot at sleeping with her.  Unfortunately,this strategy usually ends up with us guys being frustrated – and alone.

Click here to see read the full article.


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