Can Money Really Buy Love and Happiness?

Whenever I tell someone that I dated not just one, but two … multimillion dollar men, I get the  Oooh … I would love to be with someone rich.  Money would definitely buy my love, or at least make me happy”.

Okay … it may not be exactly what people say, but it is usually what they are thinking!  My brush with fortune and fame really wasn’t just a fleeting moment either.  I had very real experiences to be with incredibly wealthy men, one of which happened to be my teenage sweetheart and the other, my first husband.

Therefore, my story is a very real one, and although I might look to be challenging the status quo here,  I am really just begging the question;

Can money buy love

Most people would assume “Yes it does”, particularly love.  However, from my first hand experience of this, I can honestly say; that money doesn’t always buy love or happiness for that matter.  If anything, it often brings out the self doubt and resentment, mostly from the greed,  affluent folk experience from those surrounding them.

Sometimes though, it’s just from within their own ego to be bigger and better than everyone else, or at least that’s the way it appears from the outside.   Based on some of the discussions I have had with my wealthier friends, they say “money can become your definition and that’s the sad trap of it all”.   So whilst most of these folk didn’t start out thinking that way, it’s often how it ends up, where their total net worth equates to their total self worth.

However what really stands out for me in all this, is in the pursuit of love, sometimes having too much money, can be to your determinant, rather than benefit!

My biggest dilemma now, is knowing when a women is after me for me, or my money?”

This statement was made by my now, very wealthy, first husband sometime back. Unfortunately, after we split, he married what he – with resentment – classifies as “The GOLD digger”.  She not only took him, for his hard earn’t cash, as he describes it, but she also had the audacity, to run off with the pool boy!  Okay I may have used some creative license on the pool boy bit … but she did have an affair, that resulted in her running off with another man!!!

I guess, he understandably still feels the deep pain of betrayal here, and who would blame him really!  So our friendship is based on the credibility I hold in his eyes, as when we met, he had next to nix; but we managed to build reasonable wealth in our time together, not great but enough.  However, when we broke up, I said:

“I know it was mainly due to your position, that we have made most of this money, so I don’t want to hurt you anymore by taking that as well”.   Very noble of me I know, but they were genuine, heart felt words.

Needless to say, he was gobsmacked with my authenticity, and as a consequence, proceeded to chase me for 2 years after, begging for my return.  However, even after offers of a jet setting life, full of abundance: I chose to slog it out my way, and repeated my mantra;

Money will never buy my love.”

Innately though, I must have figured already back then, that I may one day end up being the Lonely Housewife, complaining about how much her husband travelled, or how he was never around for the kids special day at school.

Poorer folk, forget just how hard the wealthy have had to work, to get to where they are today; and it’s usually during this money machine process, that a lot of marriages go astray.

Most men say they don’t want a women to be attracted to them for their money, however this is the very antithesis of the results they achieve, from having it!

So when I see men, like my first husband and another wealthy male friend of mine, who are genuine and kind; but shrouded in scepticism and doubt at the inauthenticity that money often brings out in others, then I feel a sense of sadness.

I am therefore more convinced, that living with less, can sometimes be more”, and if there is anything this life journey has taught me, it is:

“Life is boring without a challenge, and having too much of anything, means you can lose sight of what’s important, which is love and happiness.

As always, this is my story, but please feel free to leave your thoughts and comments, as I am always happy to respond to any thoughts or indifference to this.

Yours Truly


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