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The Truth of Life – for those that missed my tweet the other day

Confessions of a Lazy Lover by Susan Winter

Confessions of a Lazy Lover by Susan Winter

This story rings so true to my own heart and my own life journey.  I loved every paragraph in this article and is definitely worth a read for all passionate and courageous lovers out there that have spent time learning to love themselves.

Here’s a little excerpt from her article.


Once upon a time I knew the thrill of unbridled passion. When in love, I gave no thought to the aftermath of my home furnishings. I was patient in combing the knots out of my hair after two days of bliss. I was content to walk in public wearing the revealing smile of one who’d been supremely satisfied. My unfinished books waited silently upon my desk without guilt, calling for their completion.


Happy reading

Yours Truly