Live With Freedom and Love In Abundance

The image used in this picture quote, was taken last year, when my daughter was skyping me during one of my rare travels overseas.

The purity of her love was captured in her eyes, which I happened to grab with a screen shot, and it reminded me that even if we have forgotten to live without fear of love, like when we were children, then there is always opportunity to find that path again.

So no matter what we are facing as adults today that has caused us to feel that fear, we are are all capable of overcoming our fears with daily reminders to;

Be good to yourself 

Accept that you are probably going to get hurt along the way

But even if you do 

Live with Freedom and Love in Abundance

A Truly Beautiful Little Girl


Yours Truly


Need to stop all this twitter spruiking about relationships and get back to being funny!

This is what I would describe as the true meaning of Love & Passion