The One, Undeniable Thing Men Want In Bed and How To Give It To Them

Heather Gray has written this great piece for the Good Men Project on What Men want in bed, and from my experience she’s spot on! So ladies, if you don’t already know it, you will definitely learn something from this article!


A little excerpt from Heathers article

If you’re searching for what men really want in bed, you’re asking the wrong question.  Ask yourself what you really want and be willing to go for it. At the end of the day, or night, that’s what men really want.

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The perception of online dating is still: ‘It’s only if your desperate!’

The perception of online dating is still: ‘It’s only if your desperate!’


Clem Bastow from our very own SMH has written a great little piece on the perception of online dating titled: Caroline Wozniaki and online dating: ‘I’m not that desperate’.

This is a must read for anyone in doubt about the modern dating and how online is the only way to meet someone in todays world.


Excerpt from article

But in a reality lost on many, celebrities are also just people, and like Julia Roberts’ movie star who is just a girl standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her, there are famous people who find it just as hard to get a date as Dave from accounts. And when you can’t even go to the supermarket without someone sticking a camera in your face, the relative anonymity of online dating must be seductive.

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How to attract women naturally

Now here is a great article for the guys on – How to attract women naturally


I have quoted my favorite part of the article, but it’s definitely worth a full read fellas.  You never know, you might even find it helpful!

Your hygiene: Anyone who has ever set foot in a frat house probably knows that men are typically the less hygienic of the two genders. Your hygiene might not always be important to you, but it is to the women you’re courting. Women will notice if you’ve shaved, trimmed your nails, and worn deoderant. They’ll also notice if you think that Axe Body Spray is a legitimate substitution for showering.


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