The Type Of Love Our Society Is Missing

I couldn’t agree with you more James Sama. It’s right in line with my thoughts exactly. Too many people are hiding behind their smart phones, trying to establish or maintain relationships based on talk rather than action. I believe Actions speak louder than words, and being connected to someone requires you to be present with that; something a lot of people just can’t seem to manage in today’s world, where the need for immediate gratification and constant affirmations about what could be, rather than what is, seems more paramount than the actual effort itself.

Highly recommend this to my followers, as it’s what I believe is missing too and Cudo’s to James too, for speaking out loud about what the missing chip in love really is here.

Yours Truly


James Michael Sama

Many of us have different definitions of, and experiences with love. We all grew up in different households with different families under different circumstances. But I think we can all agree that love is a positive emotion felt deeply for someone you care about.


More specifically:

1. A profoundlytender,passionateaffectionforanotherperson.
2. A feelingofwarmpersonalattachmentordeepaffection,asfor aparent,child,orfriend.
3. sexualpassionordesire.
Not only is love being undervalued in our society, it is being pushed down our list of priorities. It is being passed over for ideologies, for possessions, for financial success – yes, all things worth pursuing, but ultimately meaningless if we don’t have anyone to share them with.
The thing about love is, it is one of the very few things that all of us share, regardless of where we are…

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